Pasta is Comfort Food

Delivered nine oyster pails of pasta Bolognese to a tiny house village.

Leftovers from a party. A meaty pasta sauce is always better the next day, and I went all out for this batch of Bolognese. Even threw in some leftover pork ribs with the ground beef and hot Italian sausage. White wine. Heavy cream. Packed the feast in 32 ounce oyster pails/Chinese take-out containers, half pasta and half sauce. Forgot to add sides of Parmesan but we’re ready to do that next time with two ounce biodegradable ramekins from the Nirvana Wok pantry. Also forgot utensils – usually chopsticks with us, especially for pasta – which will probably be fine for a tiny house village but is problematic if you’re giving food to residents of tents.


Used ground up Pepperidge Farm™ Flavor Blasted Cheesy Pizza Goldfish Baked Snack Crackers on mac and cheese.


Made enchiladas using Trader Joe’s Mini Chicken Tacos but adding beans and salsa and cheese and scallions was not enough to make them interesting. I hate Trader Joe’s, if only because the store in West Seattle keeps their beer unrefrigerated, on a shelf exposed to sunlight. And they wrap all their vegetables in plastic.

Wok Hei! 鑊氣!

Today is Doge Day and if this cryptocurrency that started as a joke and is named after a dog meme hits fifty cents Nirvana Wok will become the proud owners of a 200,000 BTU burner for firing up the wok! Uh, because we’ll be able to sell a hundred dollars or so worth of Dogecoin that we paid a few cents for a year ago. Sharing the good fortune in the year of the ox! This is a pretty good burner for the price range.
Update: As I hit the Publish button here on Doge Day Dogecoin is way down. The burner might have to wait.