The Best Delis are Vietnamese Delis

Tucked in a strip mall in South Seattle is Tony’s Bakery & Deli - a great place to get bánh mì sandwiches and over a dozen hot entrées.

Tony’s bakes their bread on site and can make large batches of papaya salad or just about any other Vietnamese delight for catering orders. They set out fresh rice rolls and pastries for lunch. Spotted in one of the refrigerated cases recently was some Thịt heo mắm ruốc - spicy lemongrass pork belly in fermented shrimp paste. A six dollar container will easily feed three people if you add rice and the dozen or so fresh herbs and vegetables that typically come with many of these main courses. Makes me wish the Viet-Wah supermarket still existed - it was in the same mall as Tony’s and had the best produce section imaginable.

Tony’s does not have a website. Please avoid all those predatory gig economy food delivery services that restaurants hate and go there in person!

Tony’s Bakery & Deli
Empire Way Shopping Center
6020 Martin Luther King Jr Way S
Seattle, WA 98118
(206) 722-8800

Lobsters of Mystery

As I mentioned in a previous post I never got compensated for my missing lobsters from Rocket Fresh, which does not have a listed phone number and does not return emails. Rocket Fresh is clearly taunting me with their advertising - which now shows a picture of my two missing lobsters! If their customer service department can’t speak English and I can’t speak Mandarin will lobstergate ever get resolved? Yes. Yes it will. I know this story will end well, with melted butter.


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